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Thread: please help me

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    Talking please help me

    hello! i'm piovra
    l'need your help! I'm about to get my degree and i'm doing a thesis on how ESL is tought in america: what methods, books, games... are used to help learn english. Can you give me any information on this issue? Grazie

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    Re: please help me

    hi, just a note, it's 'taught' not 'tought' - and to find out more about how ESL is taught in America - all of these methods are used, and they are used everywhere. There is no specific 'American way' of teaching people English, it's just that American English itself is a little different to, say, British English.

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    Re: please help me

    thank you very much! sometimes i do mistakes cause i speak and write in italian and i also study spanish, french and arabic. anyway the difference i'm suppost to do is between the way italians approch in teaching their language to stangers and the methods used in english. school hear is very different!

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    Re: please help me

    hi piovra, no problems. so school 'here' is different eh?

    and dear mediator, please don't remove my link mate, is a great place for learning english and your members will find it useful.

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    Re: please help me

    Mathew, you have posted the same link several times, which does constitute spamming the forum and the quality of the debate will be affected if we allow this. The function of the forum is to discuss issues and, while we don't mind people putting relevant links in, we don't want to see our site splattered with endless links. This entry, for example, is pure spam:
    We have a links databse and you are free to add a link there:
    We also don't mind when people with a site to promote particapte in the discussions and include a link, but the example above can scarcely be described as doing that. Also, did you ask before posting multiple links? I certainly received nothing.

    I will leave the links up as they stand, and will allow any that seem fair use of the forum, but all others will be deleted. I am not trying to be unfriendly, but if we allow empty posting of links, and we get hundreds of them a week, then soon the forum will be damaged. Participants can promote, but spam is not allowed.

    Thank you


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