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    Smile Letter

    I´d like to ask if you could correct this letter or give some feedback.
    Thanks in advance

    Dear Marc,
    Sorry I haven´t been in touch for so long. Last week I came back from my holiday in Greece where I spent two marvellous weeks getting from it all. It was so fantastic!I was over the moon and I had a whale of a time.

    Unfortunately, my stay was little bit spoilt by theft of my leather bag. It occured on the first day when I was waiting for a bus at the bus stop in the suburn of Athens. It was a really hot day that´s why I was so exhausted. Moreover, I had toured around many amazing historic monuments and sights by then and I planned to visit others (such as famous Pantheon and Acropolis) that day.

    I was sitting on the bench reading magazine when a pretty girl asked me, ´ Can I sit next to you? ´ I was very delighted because it didn´t happen to me each day. At first, I was scanning her for top to toe for a moment and replied, ´Yes, for sure.´ Few minutes later she stood up and quickly walk away. It seemed to be quite suspicious. All of a sudden, I recognized why . My bag was stolen ! I was rather shocked. It made me see red . I tried to chase her but I wasn´t succesful. In addition, there were nobody who could help me.

    In the bag, I had some clothes and food. My passport, the identify card and all my money I luckily wore in my wallet in pocket. So that it wouldn´t have made any sence to call police and it would surely have wasted my time. Only thing that I had to do was to by some new clothes and food. That wasn´t very difficult. After all this terrible experience I managed to enjoy the rest of my holiday and got new lease of energy.

    What about you? How was your holiday like ?
    Write soon. Take care.

    Bye for now


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    Re: Letter

    getting from it all- away from
    hot day that´s why- hot day, which was why
    such as famous- such as the...
    My bag was stolen- I'd use the past perfect
    succesful- spelling
    got new lease of energy- don't like the phrase- I'd recharge my batteries

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