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    Angry use of must and should

    Quite often i come across pages that have headings as Prerequisites.
    The statements below that are usually list items
    for example:
    The UA5000(PVMV1) is in the normal state.
    Is this fine as it is.
    Or is it right when written as
    The UA5000 (PVMv1) must be in normal state.
    Please give me explanations as to whichever is appropriate and
    also some links of using must and should under prerequistes heading style

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    Re: use of must and should

    Either. Also, given the subheading, the simple "is" is fine.

    Beware of other modals under this subheading. You could not have

    1) The lid may be screwed tightly shut

    But you could have

    1) The switch may be set to either ON or OFF



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