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    Please check my Cover Letter and Resume

    Hi! I'm a german girl and want to apply for an internship in New York.
    My Cover Letter and Resume was checked by 2 person, but I'm insecure if it is good enough. I changed a few sentenses after the correction...
    Could someone please read it and give me some hints to make it perfekt!?
    This internship is really important to me!
    Thank you very much!!!!


    Dear Ms. XXX, <> According to your homepage, you offer an internship in your department Special Events. I am interested in an internship for the period of April 2007 to September 2007. As you can see from my enclosed resume, I am studying Business Management with a concentration in Culture Management, Media and Recreational Activities in connection with Marketing at XXX, University of Applied Sciences in Germany. I am required to undertake an internship as an integral part of my main study program for 26 weeks that will help me gain practical career experience. <>

    I gained wide experience in the theory and practice of event management and communications. In addition of planning events and press conferences in the in XXX, Germany, I have XXX studied Business Administration for Conference, Congress and Fair Management. I am very creative, excellent in organizing, work independently and responsibly and have extensive computer skills. My command of the English language is good, as I learned the English language at grade school, high school and at college, where I passed an examination in Business English.

    Last year, I spent my summer vacation in New York. I enjoyed my stay very much because of the multicultural atmosphere, friendly people and all of the variety that the city has to offer. I was then inspired to apply for an internship in New York and would love the opportunity to work for
    one of the worldwide leading luxury fashion brand<>. My background and my motivation will enable me to be a useful member of your team.

    I will apply for the J-1 visa, which entitles me to work legally as an intern in the United States. Also, I will have my own health and accident insurance. I would be very grateful if you considered my application and contacted me for an interview, should there be any vacancies. From November 5th to 12th I will be in New York and would be available for a personal interview during that time. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance for your efforts.<>


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    Re: Please check my Cover Letter and Resume

    department Special Events- Special Events department
    with a concentration - majoring/specialising in
    I gained wide experience- have
    event hostess - I would check whether the feminine form is used by the company- some people don't like the use of feminine forms, so check to see their policy and follow that

    Good luck.

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    Re: Please check my Cover Letter and Resume

    Thanks a lot for your quickly help!!!!

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