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  1. joseph boulos


    the dinner is ready.
    is this right?? or dinner is ready.

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    Re: student

    Where I come from (England), "dinner is ready".

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    Re: student

    Quote Originally Posted by joseph boulos View Post
    the dinner is ready.
    is this right?? or dinner is ready.
    As an announcement, it would be more common without the article, but the other is not wrong.

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    Re: student

    Hi, Josef,
    No articles are usually placed with meals:
    Is lunch ready?
    Supper was later than usual.
    Tomorrow you'll have to cook breakfast yourself.

    When we tell sth particular about a meal, however, we do use articles.
    It was a superb dinner.
    There's a modifier-superb
    The lunch we had at the Smiths' didn't appease my hunger.
    There's a restrictive clause -(that) we had at the Smiths'.
    Hopethis helps.

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