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Thread: Big On Honesty

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    Big On Honesty

    Dear Teachers,

    a. I’m big on honesty to parents, but in this case, you’d just be setting yourself up for a bad time.
    - “I’m big on honesty to parents” means “I’m very honest with parents”, right?

    b. Her brother would try to hook something up, but he is bound by his girlfriend.
    - What does “hook something up” mean?

    Thanks a bunch


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    Re: Big On Honesty

    If you are "big on" something it means that it is very important to you, or you do it often.

    He's big on football. He never misses a game.
    I'm not big on Mexican food, but I eat it now and then.
    Tony's real big on getting into trouble with the cops.

    A "hook-up" is any arrangement, but among younger people it usually means a sexual encounter.

    Did you hook up with Susan after the party last night? (sexual encounter)
    I need a new TV, so my friend at Electro-Mart is going to hook me up. (arranging a favor)
    I tried to hook up with her at school, but she wasn't talking to me. (attempted an arrangement which would [hopefully] lead to a sexual encounter)

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