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    Smile profound being?

    the following sentences are really difficult for me to understand, can you help me to get it?
    the whales has no voice, wrote Melville in Moby Dick. but then again what has the whale to say? [B]seldom have I known any profound being that had anything to say to this world, unless to stammer out something by way of getting a living. [/B]Not so.I\( what does it indicate?) whales may not sing for their suppers, but some do sing............ Hence perhaps, the many sea-tales of lullabies sung by drowned colleagues.

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    Re: profound being?

    Hello Bosun

    Here is a very rough paraphrase:

    "...The whale does not have a speaking voice. But that is because the whale has nothing to say. The whale is a wise creature; and of all the wise creatures I have known, very few have wanted to address the world, except when it was necessary to earn a living...Whales don't have to earn a living; but nonetheless, some do sing. Perhaps whale-song is the origin of all the stories that sailors tell, in which drowned shipmates have sung to them."

    There is a pun on "profound": here, it means "wise", but in the context of a whale, it could also mean "dwelling in the deep (sea)".

    Try this thread too!

    All the best,


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