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    What's difference?

    Hi,I wanted to ask you about difference among "to get fired","to dismiss","to give somebody the sack","to discharge" and other severla words like this?Also I want to know when person wants to leave his job himself how we can tell it in English?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: What's difference?

    I got fired. They fired me.
    I got the sack. They sacked me.
    They gave me the sack.
    I got dismissed. They dismissed me.

    These all mean the same thing: They took away my job; they terminated my employment.

    "Discharge" is less common. It's used by the military (and perhaps in some other professions (?)).

    If you want to leave a job yourself, you say:

    I resign. I quit. I'm leaving.

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    Re: What's difference?

    Also, there are many euphemisms for "giving the sack":

    make redundant
    lay off
    down-size (I've even heard "right-size")
    give someone the brown envelope
    give someone their cards/their P45
    let go
    ask to explore other opportunities


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