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    What is "Uber" when used as prefix with a word. Appears to be a foreign word.

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    I think it's from Latin and it means "abundant, plentiful"
    There's an english word, actually, uberous =Fruitful; copious; abundant; plentiful.

    So, when used as a prefix, it intensifies the meaning of the word

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    Re: Uber

    Quote Originally Posted by rameshpahwa View Post
    What is "Uber" when used as prefix with a word. Appears to be a foreign word.
    It's from German - related to the English 'over'. Other foreign-borrowing pefixes meaning above or beyond:

    super -> superman (in fact I think "Superman" is a translation of the German ‹bermensch )
    trans -> transatlantic
    supra -> supralinguistic
    extra -> extra-sensory
    hyper -> hyperactive (which has been abbreviated to just 'hyper' - although that bit of the word just means 'excessively')
    mega -> originally used to denote a multiple of a million, as in megabyte, but more recently (informally) used as a general-purpose intensifier (and like 'hyper' sometimes used very informally as a free-standing word: "Their last album was huge - mega.")
    para -> paranormal


    ps - Afterthought that was too obvious for me to notice: like "hyper" and "mega" (both informal), "super" (not entirely formal, but a lot less informal) is a prefix that has taken on a life of its own.
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