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    Exclamation Greetings to all

    Hello all.

    Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. I am an English man in South Korea, bet you were expecting me to say New York (just a Police joke), teaching English to young learners. I have lived in Korea for about a year with my Korean wife and son. This is my first teaching job after graduating from University but when I went to Uni. I was a mature student.

    Secondly, I would like to throw a question up in the air. I haven't had any prior experience at teaching in Korea and get minimal feedback about my teaching skills. I basically judge my teaching skills by seeing if students join a class or drop. However, for the past year I have made some mistakes and learnt some tricks. Nonetheless, my question is simple. The school I teach at is a basic hagwon (institute) with no room with computers, no OHP's, no projectors, one TV/DVD, minimal textbooks and some dodgy CD players.

    Are there any schools in Korea which have good classrooms et al? I would like some feedback about other member's experience of teaching in South Korea.

    Like mentioned previously, I have some limited teaching experience in Korea and am unable to compare to other hagwons in Korea due to this fact. I would like some information to compare to my current situation as my contract is due to finish soon and am unsure to renew the contract.

    Many thanks in advance to any replies.


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    Re: Greetings to all

    Hi Martin,
    I hope someone answers your question ( I've never been to Korea).
    I only want to tell you your font is too minute, some people will find it hardly readable.


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