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    Color Expressions And Synonymy

    Hi every one ! ; )

    I would like to ask about this topic ( Englsih color expressions ) . I would like to know if these expressions limited or not ?there are limited sources about them.. Another q about synonymy in English verbs ..I would like to know if the synonymous verbs in English deserve a search or not coz I noticed that there are a lot of synonymous nouns and adjectives inEnglish while there are so limited number of synonymous verbs ...
    Thank you for your time .
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    Re: Color Expressions And Synonymy

    Hi , Emma,
    I don't quite understand your "colours" question. As for synonyms, I think verbs have them, too. Do you need anything in particular?

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    Re: Color Expressions And Synonymy

    I'm not sure what you mean by limited, but we have lots of them:


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