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    risk-mitigation approaches vs. risk-mitigating approaches

    What is the difference or the nuance between "risk-mitigation approaches" and "risk-mitigating approaches"?

    It seems to me that while the basic meaning is the same for both, the latter by using the gerund form of the verb "mitigate", shows an ongoing tendency and thus is a bit more active. I am not sure.

    Ngram shows that both "risk-mitigation" and "risk-mitigating" have been in active use since 1980:

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    People are understandably tired and frustrated with imposed measures such as social distancing and shutdowns to control the spread of COVID-19, but until there is a vaccine, these are some of the best tools around. “It is not inevitable that we all have to get this infection,” D’Souza says. “There are a lot of reasons to be very hopeful. If we can continue risk-mitigation approaches until we have an effective vaccine, we can absolutely save lives.”

    Source: Nature Oct.21, 2020
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    Re: risk-mitigation approaches vs. risk-mitigating approaches

    Risk-mitigation approaches: ways to reduce risk.

    Risk-mitigating approaches: approaches that themselves reduce risk. It's hard to think of a context where this would make sense.
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