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    This dessert is best eaten hot

    1) The idea intended might be better expressed by...

    2) Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin.

    3) Suzanne Collins, best known as the author of "The Hunger Games" trilogy.

    4) Some things are best left unsaid.

    5) This dessert is best eaten hot.

    Q1: Could we change sentence (1) into its active voice version?

    You might better express the idea intended by...

    Is "better express" a compound verb here?

    Q2: Sentences (1-5) use a past participle/adjective after "best" or "better". Can we use a present participle like this, after "best" or "better"?

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    Re: This dessert is best eaten hot

    Q1: Yes, if you had a good reason. No.

    Q2: No. The idea is that these sentences have a passive sense, thus the past participle.

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