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    Exclamation Farewell my darling Cookie..

    Please correct any mistakes in this piece of writing:

    Farewell my darling Cookie, our feisty yet poised, confrontational yet possessive, tiny yet commanding little Pomeranian princess. We will never forget how you effortlessly filled the gaping hole in our lives that was left by the demise of our precious Delika and now, six short years later, you have left us too. We never thought your days with us would be so numbered and we never thought you would leave us so unpredictably.

    Canít believe I will no longer be able see you randomly chase your own tail causing swirly cyclones or play tug of war with you holding your favourite stuffed toy or tease you by pretending to take away that piece of bone you were attentively chewing or hear your distinct, high pitched bark from a distance or feel your tiny paws brushing against my skin, asking for affection.

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    Re: Farewell my darling Cookie..

    The phrase "confrontational yet possessive" doesn't work. That's because the words "confrontational" and "possessive" are too close in meaning. You could say "confrontational and possessive". Or perhaps "confrontational but also affectionate".


    We never thought your days with us would be so few.


    We never thought your stay with us would be so short.

    Second paragraph. Start with "I can't ...." Also, "chase your own tail" is not terrible, but we would normally leave out "own" there. Finally, perhaps:

    feel your tiny paws brushing against my skin when you were looking for affection.
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