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    another online tefl question

    I saw the thread from a couple months ago regarding online tefl courses. I am interested in a specific program:, the TEFL interactive program and I am wondering if anybody has any opinions about this. I thought this program looks pretty good because it requires 100 hours of classroom work and 20 hours of actually teaching.
    Unfortunately because of time constraints it is impossible for me to take an in-person class.
    Anybody taken this course or know anything about it? Any help would be truly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: another online tefl question

    The accreditation suggests that they are serious about it: TEFL Certification: Accreditation & Recognition
    They have sought the approval of a number of places and they do seem to have a wide range of contacts so employment should be possible. (I haven't studied with them and have just looked around the site.)

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    Re: another online tefl question

    I took the online course with this organization in the summer and it is academically rigorous and sound. You have to be prepared to spend the time each week to do the readings and complete the assignments (mostly lesson plans). However, the backoffice for this place is atrocious. I (and my fellow classmates, as I have now found out) have yet to receive our professional certificates in spite of numerous e-mails and calls.

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