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    Need An Urgent Help

    dear Friends,

    I Need Resources For My Thesis Study About Young Learners. My Thesis Title Is 'the Evaluation Of Young Learners Towards Learning English'.

    If You Can Help Me Find Any Thing That Will Help Me, I Will Be Pleased.

    Best Rgds,

    Volkan Karahan

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    Re: Need An Urgent Help

    Try searching here: Google Scholar

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    Re: Need An Urgent Help

    Hi Volkan,
    I'm responding to this post because this is my area of specialty. I focus on teaching kids ages 4-12 and I use games to teach them. If you haven't looked into resources about teaching with games, I highly suggest you do so.
    I truly believe that this is the way forward. The way I have been teaching (and many others like me), is truly revolutionary compared to what I experienced in school (not THAT long ago!)
    My own experiences with this have been very rewarding, with children coming to learn from me in their free time, and wanting to continue, missing me when I was gone, etc.
    Also other teachers using my games have reported similar great results.
    As well as looking at games on many sites, and in forums, you can receive some free on the website below.
    Kind regards,
    Receive free games and ideas to make teaching children more fun on: ESL games and activities for teaching English to children

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    Question Re: Need An Urgent Help

    Dear Colleague,

    Thank you very much indeed for your spending your time to give a comment on my help demand. To tell you the truth, this is my first year I have been teaching children (10-11years old), and I like it very much. The problem here is we have very little time (2 forty minute lessons a week) and it is not enough I can say.

    What I need is some resources giving information about their perceptions and attitudes towards learning English, for my thesis will be about this subject. So, if you can tell me any thing regarding this topic, I will be very grateful.

    Before I forget, I would love to share your teaching experience to young learners because I need it very much.

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