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    Post Short e-mail


    I am interested in joining a company. I sent to its CEO and he replied and showed the full support. One of his subordinates was very much nervous as I keep involving the CEO and he promised that he will arrange for an interview with me but after a few minutes of his call the HR sent an automated email says I have been rejected which shows this happened because of that guy.

    Now, I get the CEO involved once again. Can I say him the following:

    The text:

    ""I hope that I was able to clear the picture for you that through my journey of recruitment with your company, it has not ended up with me being considered for the suitable position that matches my profile.

    And that the rejection of HR was based on false recommendation of me working in marketing which is far of my area of expertise.

    I know that it is because the role I am looking for might not exist and that also because I can fit in many roles but I want the role in which I can use my full capabilities and I am sure that you can help me put in the right track that end up with me joining the company and add value to it by arranging for an interview with whom he can take a decision of this sort."
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    Re: Short e-mail

    I am closing this thread. We have answered countless threads on the same topic but the OP has taken absolutely no notice of our corrections and continues to make the same errors ("I sent to its CEO", for example) in almost every thread. This is a waste of our time.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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