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Thread: wait for

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    wait for

    1. I read that "wait for youy turn, please" is a common mistake...It should be "wait your turn, please" why? I mean, i've been usin' wait for, like i'm waitin' for her...i mean is "wait for" wrong?

    2. My friend says, there's no such thing as wrong grammar, it should be poor or bad grammar only...then what do you call mistakes like S-v agreement etc...if my friend is right then i should be askin' question like" Is this poor grammar?" instead of " is this wrong grammar?"

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    Re: wait for

    Hi, Chum,
    1. Wait your turn is a set expression. Full point.
    2. Yes, I like your friend's variants more.You can say sth is grammatically wrong, though.
    Best wishes

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