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    pease correct this text grammatically

    the value of wrting

    You can become the best in your major with writing. To be the best, you need to create something new, to have a fresh idea. Writing can help you. It makes your thoughts and ideas concrete and help you to clarify, modify and organize them in powerful ways. In addition to an active and creative mind, we have to write to become successful. If you have just read a book, you may get some points and ideas. You have to write them be cause you will forget them soon. It is a way to explore your experiences, a way to figure out what you think. It transforms your thought into tangible form and forces you to confront them and to think through them more clearly. It is what makes people great men.

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    Re: pease correct this text grammatically

    and help- verb agreement
    be cause- space
    people great men.- what about women? I'd just say 'makes people great', but is it the only thing that does this? I'd also qualify the statement and say it's one thing that does this.

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