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    ecucational psychology research paper - help!

    I'm not sure if cross posting from board to board is allowed here, if not please let me know and I will delete this ASAP. I just wasn't sure which section to post my question in.

    hi all,
    I'm a first year university student and I'm trying to find a good research paper topic for my educational psychology class.
    I'm very interested in ESL and definitely planning on looking at something within this 'field,' but I don't know what topics there are that have enough research based sources. I was originally planning on working on something about the lexical approach to language teaching, but I've been snooping around the internet as well as my university library's database and I'm not convinced that there's been very much research done on this subject. Does anybody know of any approaches/methods etc. within ESL or SLA teaching that have had a significant amount of research done on them? I need to come up with a specific topic and have at least 10 reserach based sources.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: educational psychology research paper - help!

    I read your message and wanted to suggest some methods that you may find suitable to study on.Maybe you can choose from the category of alternative approaches and methods such as Suggestopedia(this is my research topic as well),Total Physical Respose,Competency-Based Language Teaching.There are also Current Communicative Approaches;for example,Communicative Language Teaching,Task-Based Language Teaching.

    I hope you will find these topics useful for your studies and modify them according to your course's requirement.

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