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    Greetings In Your Language

    Hello everyone :)

    I am new to this forum and I hope I will get a quick and positive response.

    I am a freelance web designer and I have a project of a client for which I have to collect greetings in all of the major languages spoken in all the countries.

    I have a list of 231 countries for which I want greetings.

    All I want is to get this greeting in YOUR Language;

    "Hello! Nice to see you here"

    I want this greeting in all countries' languages (national languages or widely spoken languages in that country)

    List of the 231 countries is attached. You can download it.

    I hope there are many friends from different countries who can help me. Please! you just have to say the above greeting in your language.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Take care
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    Re: Greetings In Your Language

    I am from the Philippines, and we say "hello! nice to see you here" as follows:
    Kumusta? Nagagalak akong makita ka!
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Greetings In Your Language

    Thank you for your help.

    actually the requirement have changed here a little bit. Now my boss doesn't want this whole sentense "Hello, Nice to see you here" Now he just wants to go with the word "HELLO" in every language.

    It has been a little easy task for me to find this one word in every language. I have done some research on it and have found the official languages of each country and now I can find this word in that language.

    Your help still can help me alot. Thank you for being here with me and taking some time for writing about it.


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    Re: Greetings In Your Language

    In my language,Vietnamese,you can greet someone by simply saying the word "Cho"

    If you want to know more about how people in other countries greet,I think you should refer to MS Encarta Encyclopedia.

    hope it helps

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    Re: Greetings In Your Language

    Welsh is spoken in Wales and, believe it or not, Patagonia. The Welsh phrase "Bore da" literally means "Good day".

    Germany has quite a few ways of saying "Hello". Most foreigners learn "Guten Tag" in school, but Germans also say "Hallo" or even "Hi". There are also some regional variations: "Moin" in parts of the north, "Gr Gott" in the south and "Gruezi" in Switzerland.

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    Talking Re: Greetings In Your Language


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    Re: Greetings In Your Language


    Thank you all of you for all your help.

    Fortunately I have figured out the way to get this salutation in all langues. What I have done is that I have collected the official languages of all the countries and also have found the greetings in around 60 languages.

    Now this project is pretty much easy for me to get done.

    Thank you once again for being here and helping me.


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    Re: Greetings In Your Language

    Hi I'm from Turkey and we say 'merhaba' for Hi, 'gnaydın for 'good morning' 'iyi akşamlar' for 'good evening'. If there is anything else you want to know about turkey, I can help.

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    Smile Re: Greetings In Your Language

    Hi! I'm Portuguese and here we say "Ol! Prazer em ver-te aqui!"

    Hope it helps your work

    Best regards

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    Cool Re: Greetings In Your Language

    Hi I'm from Croatia and there we say "bog" or "dobar dan" for hello.

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