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    ...bundles of bedding...

    Hi there. Would you please proofread the following text? Any help would be appreciated.

    ************************************************** ************************************************
    Over the years before the Meteorite strike, Gan and Lili, and their families, had spent much time preparing the cave they had found for the villagers that would need to shelter in it. There were bundles of bedding, an infirmary stocked with medical equipment, and medicines as well as plenty of firewood and torches for light; and, as the time of the meteorites got nearer, preserved foods, and eventually fresh food. No one knew how long it would take for the area to return to normal after the meteorites had scared away all of the animals, so there were many extra provisions.

    It was almost two years after Suxin had been born and spring was giving way to summer when a commotion had erupted on the southern side of the village. Gan looked at his daughter, now a young woman, almost. She nodded. “Yes, Father. It’s Moogh. He has come. It’s time to search the night sky, but first, let’s greet Moogh. I hope he remembers me.”

    Gan called out to his wife and taking both her and his daughter by the hand, he led them out to Moogh’s paddock.

    Yang was already at the paddock with Qingmei and Suxin, and Moogh walked up soon afterwards, followed by what seemed like half the village.

    Moogh looked older and battle-worn; some of his fur was grey, and there were many scars on his body, some of which were fresh, maybe only days old.
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