Is this correct and natural?

Jack and Patrick were gossiping like teenagers when their friend Nicole joined them. Jack looked up and down her and sniffed her. "You smell like fresh sex. I think someone got some last night," he said grinning.

Patrick stood up and sniffed her too. His arched his brows, putting his hand under his chin. "Yes, I would have to concur with our unsophisticated friend, Jack, albeit with a slightly more sophisticated terminology. I'd is an aura of carnal delight about you this morning, he said smirking.

Nicole shot him a withering look. "Who talks like that retard? FYI, I slept with Leo last night. Now, I will head back to my place so that you two losers have something to gossip about you two adorable high school girls," she said blowing them a kiss.

"Since you are engaging in gratifying sexual acts, the dinner is on you tonight, said Patrick. "That is unless you would prefer to dine with your precious Leo."