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    would u plz help me understanding this poem

    its a poem for Sir Thomas Wyatt called "Each Man Me Telleth"

    i can't understand whats the meaning of "telleth"

    and also i wanna a parsphrase for this poem , plz and thank u

    Each man me telleth I change most my device,
    And on my faith, me think it good reason
    To change propose like after the season,
    For in every case, to keep still one guise
    Is meet for them that would be taken wise;
    And I am not of such manner condition,
    But treated after a diverse fashion,
    And thereupon my diverseness doth rise.
    But you that blame this diverseness most,
    Change you no more, but still after one rate,
    Treat ye me well, and keep ye in the same state.
    And while with me doth dwell this wearied ghost,
    My word nor I shall not be variable,
    But always one, your own, both firm and stable.

    i think the poem is a kind of satire abuot people who are totally crazy about fashion
    and they treat everyone according to what he or she wears
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    Re: would u plz help me understanding this poem

    'Me telleth' means I tell ( I think)

    device = will, desire, fancy.
    on my faith - a mild oath.
    propose = proposals, plans.
    meet = fitting.
    taken wise = considered to be wise.
    of such manner condition = of such a character.
    still after one rate = always in the same manner.
    this wearied ghost = my life, my spirit.

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    Re: would u plz help me understanding this poem

    thank u very much for ur great help

    it has been very useful to me

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    Re: would u plz help me understanding this poem

    "Each man me telleth" means "Each man tells me". "Telleth" is how the 3rd person singular of "to tell" in the present tense used to be sometime back when Middle English was at its high. I know nothing about Sir Thomas Wyatt's poetry, sorry.

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