Dear forum members, I am going to add a General skills part in my academic CV for postdoctoral application. I would be very grateful for any feedback you could might be able to give me.

General skills/related skills

  1. Strong communication skill with the non-academic audience: Years of experience working in the media and public relations industry, made me strong for presenting information in an interactive, innovative, and informative way. I feel confident to present information and write for a range of audiences. I always trying to find innovative and cutoff ways to present my analysis results, use different software and techniques illustrating results in abstract and informative ways.
  2. Great academic communication and collaboration skills: Working with a research group with cultural and national diversity, increased tendency to work in a multicultural and international academic atmosphere. My contribution to the few projects made me a good team player and increased my ability to work in a team with a keen interest in sharing knowledge and encouraging other team members to achieve specific goals
  3. Absolute research-oriented with a diversified profile: My mentorship as a supervisor, and touring for a range of social science disciplines, together with my advanced knowledge and teaching experience of statistics software for quantitative data analysis, increased my knowledge of a variety of social science methodologies and made me comfortable with interdisciplinary studies and the use of cutting-edge and integration theoretical perspective. These decent experiences allow me to conduct independent and collaborative research to contribute to academia.
  4. Great track record of tuition: Years of lecturing experiences empower my ability to effectively train, encourage and motivate students. I am able to promote innovation, teaching, learning, and service to a diverse student population. My teaching strategy is built upon being humorous, dynamic, with an open-door policy. I believed that teaching is all about challenge students, engage strugglers and uninterested students in the subject to see their potential, and bring the best out of them. To achieve that, I always keep the course simple and structured; link the subject with the real world; build rapport with the student; and simply make them feel that learning could be fun and practical at the same time.
  5. Besides all these professional experiences, my multidisciplinary study about psychoanalysis, psychosociology, cultural semiology together with my personality as a patinate, inquisitive, fast learner, commitment, and independent person, helped me to broaden my perspective and thinking beyond binderies. They said you always found interactive, shortcut alternative ways to get the desired results.