Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to express my interest in your Master program in X starting in fall 2021. My professional ambitions is to work in a reputable investment bank, hedge fund or to pursue an academic career.

I have allocated most of my recent years to follow this career goal. While growing up in a French speaking Swiss family, I attended linguistic schools in Canada and Germany; I dedicated a part of my education to become perfectly fluent in both German and English in addition to my first language. I regard developing greater adaptability and communication competences as core skills, and I believe the wide-ranging program of international courses available at the X will help me with this aim perfectly.

Yet my passion lies within the world of finance. Being currently an undergraduate student of University Y in Economics, my interests are growing for the fundamentals of this field the more I discover about it. My bilingual bachelorís degree was oriented towards this learning, with several courses on statistics, investments and corporate finance among others. In addition, my thesis in Applied Econometrics based on machine learning methods also converges to grant me strong academic expertise in the analytic of economic data.

As a student, I needed another challenge that would fit with my motivation to be active in the University. Hence, I swiftly joined a stock market trading association in which I am the current vice-president. To speak of, share and develop investment strategies as well as news of the market with all the members greatly widened my knowledge on the matter. Not only is this experience beneficial because I value exchange of ideas and peer-cooperation fervently, but I also intend to join or possibly to fund a similar association on your campus were I given the opportunity. And I believe the scholarly mindset of the students and the size of the X are ideal conditions to be proactive and to cultivate a dynamic structure.

On the side of practical experience, I could negotiate contracts on partnerships with compagnies to create a trading contest for every Swiss student. I endorsed responsibilities such as the coordination of the game with the financial institution providing a trading platform and to help and advice hundreds of participants to the contest. This set of skills acquired since 2018 set me as a strong and engaged candidate for the X program and its following professional employment opportunities.

A noteworthy reason reason why I am drawn to the X is its excellent academic reputation and the professional opportunities it grants. I have no doubt I will seek professional practice in X as soon as possible to obtain the most technical experience. To that effect, the X program includes practice credits that I would be fond of participating to. In addition to the aforementioned reasons, theses excellent professional opportunities make for the university of X to be my ideal choice to prepare myself for my future successful career in a very competitive industry.
I am highly aware of the reputation and quality of your institution of higher learning. Obtaining a masterís degree there will not only be a privilege, but also an opportunity to enrich my social experience with the inquisitiveness of the community and capabilities of the faculty in solving diverse real economic problems. I consequently have no doubt of the immense benefits I stand to gain upon my acceptance into your X program. I sincerely have the conviction that I will be given the opportunity to achieve this goal by being a member of the class of 2021.

Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to your positive response.

Sincerely yours,