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    Talking business expression.

    i alreay made a smilar questoins before, but still some of the expressions are confusing. can anybody help me to clarify it? I mean if you find any mistakes, could changed them so that they sound natural?

    1. We are very sorry that a mistake was made in dealing with your order. We arranged to dispatch a repeat order to you today ( or A repeat order was made today???)

    2. I am currently working for LSIS Co. as an Senior Manager in the Internal Certification TFT, and I am mainly responsible for internal-certificating work

    3. I am happy with your gift for giving me cyber money.

    4. I took an action to send/or place a repeat order today. I hope our action will meet your requiremnts.

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    Re: business expression.

    1. We apologize for the error that was made in processing your order. We are sending a replacement order immediately.

    I don't have a background in IT, but I think maybe instead of "internal certificating work" you would say "internal certification work."

    I'm not sure what cyber-money is, so I can't help you there.

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