Usually the Comprehensive English class are designed like this in my school:
I. Leading in (warm up the students with some relevant information about the text, often present something by the teacher or the teacher give the students some questions to disscuss in groups. If in mutimedia classroom, there may be some video clips relating to the text)
II. Fast reading the text to get the main idea and answering plain sense questions.
III. Detail study of the text
I) to paraphrase words and expressions (by a lot of examples shown by powerpoint)
II) to analyze the long and complex sentence (often translate it)
III) grammar and exercises
During the second class:
I) diction of the words learnt last time.
II) ask students to make sentences using the new vacabulary
My question is: do the native speaker learn a text by this way, can you show me the process the giving a comprehensive class, the more detailed, the better.
What I mean is I am really bored by this teaching method. Are there any activities to make the class more active? Show me some examples.
Thank you.