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Thread: Three questions

  1. pljames

    Smile Three questions

    Q#1, Does this board have a new screen format? I have switched browsers from internet explorer to Firefox. Hope its a new screen format and I like it.

    Q32, As far as avartars go, is their the possiblity you might consider pictured writers of history as avartars?

    Q#3, And finally is it possible to add cursive fonts to the format screen? pljames

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    Re: Three questions

    1 There was an update of the software recently and we have also installed a few add-ons..
    2 If you go into the User Control Panel,you van edit the avatars and link externally, or upload an image (80 by 80 pixels or 9.8 KB), so feel free to add a historical writer.
    3 I'm not sure of this one, but I think we are limited to the fonts in the list.

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