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Thread: an idiom

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    an idiom

    I couldn't find the meaning of thi idiom:''run-on piece of mount on''
    can you tell me what it means?
    and I have a problem on the usage of ''open'',''close'';
    -we are open....
    -we are closed...(we are close=we are good friends)
    -does the bar open...?-I opens...
    -does the bar close...?-It closes...
    -Is the bar open/close....?-It is open/close
    They are all confusing!!!why do we use....?where do we use all of them?
    Thanks a lot:)

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    Re: an idiom

    We are open/ we are closed (adjective)
    What time do you open/close (verb)
    Is the bar open.closed (adjective)

    Is the bar close = is the bar near here

    I don't know the phrase 'run-on piece of mount on''; can you supply the context?

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    Re: an idiom

    ''And all the Spanish candles unsold
    Have gone away to this
    And a "run-on piece of mount on"
    Trembles, shivers runs down the freeway
    I guess she spent her last quarter randomly''

    -It's in the song of tindersticks named ''here''
    what can it mean?

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