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    has it exactly right

    1.What does "has it exactly right" mean in the following sentence? Is it a fixed phrase?

    (On policy grounds, President Bush has it exactly right: Although the extent of illegal immigration has become unacceptable and should be curbed, immigration remains a big plus for the U.S.)

    2.In the following sentence, does "can't get a majority of his own party " mean "his own party can't win the majority (more votes) in congress" or "the president can't win the suport of his own party"?

    (President Bush can't get a majority of his own party in Congress to sign on to his program about immigration.)


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    Re: has it exactly right

    1. The writer thinks Bush's opinion is exactly right.
    2. Yes, the writer is saying that Bush is not able to convince even half of the Republicans in Congress (his own party) to support his immigration program.


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