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    As if

    I have 3 statements:
    I behave as if I were superior to everybody.
    I behaved as if I had been superior to everybody.
    I used to behave as if I had been superior to everybody.

    Are all of them correct?

    And Extra question :) :
    Is it so, that In reported speach when we use first conditional it is: 'I will go there if I have time ' she said, She said that if she had time she would go there (correct?)
    End if there is 2nd or 3rd it is without changing into "next" conditional if ithere is She said (generally all past forms)????
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    Re: As if

    The three statements are all possible, but the second and third ones are just not very useful. However, "superior" is spelled without a second "u".

    As the for the extra question, the easiest way to go about transforming direct into indirect speech is to look at the first verb. Is it a present tense form? If so, make it a past tense form. "Would" is the past tense form of "will".


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