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    webpages for primary

    Does anyone know interesting and free websites for teaching English in primary schools?

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    Re: webpages for primary

    Have a look here:
    There are some sites which are aimed at young learners in general and some specific sites.

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    Re: webpages for primary

    Yes, there are several places with worksheets for teaching English in primary schools. As a homeschooler (someone teaching her children at home) I access these things quite often.

    One site that might help you is my homeschooling site, no, I'm not trying to advertise it. It's just that I keep my own links to useful things on that site, call it a personal filing cabinet. Anyways, the url is Homeschool on a Budget
    There you should find a lot of resources for literature, grammar, creative learning, and even games (most of the games are on the kids page). It's easier for me to refer someone to one site that I know has a lot of other sites linked to it, than to keep up with all the links.

    I do hope this helps you in teaching English. Depending on the ages you are teaching, the "preschool in pajamas" and "Kinder Gardens" pages might be helpful to you as they deal more with the younger primary children.


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