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    which or what?


    could you please tell me whether to use "which" or "what" in the following sentence:

    Please let us know which/what text should be added to the document.

    Thank you very much.


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    Re: which or what?

    Both are acceptable. But which assumes limited choice of, what wide range of texts to choose one among them

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    Re: which or what?

    Hello Hanka,

    I think that you are supposed to use "which" in case that the one you ask do already know the different texts he can choose from (which seems to be the probable case) and "what" is used in a more general way:
    1) Which:
    - We have apple-pie, ice-cream and fruit salad for dessert - which dessert would you like?
    2) What:
    - What desserts have you got? (the one who asks has no information about the topic).
    So I'd recommend "Please let us know which text should be added to the document", because I think that you ask someone who knows all the possibilities (all the texts).

    Have a nice time & all the best,


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