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Thread: Rust.

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    If there are two rods of iron, and one has more rust than the other, what word (if any) would be used to describe its condition? I would have said it is "rustier", but apparently that isn't a "proper" word. Surely there's something better than saying it has more rust, or is more rusty?

    Edit: I apologise for accidentally making two of the same thread. I can't see an option to delete one, either.

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    Re: Rust.

    Hello Robbie

    "Rustier" seems like a valid word to me. I would happily say "this rod's rustier than that one" or "this rod's more rusty than that one".

    (Unfortunately I rarely have the opportunity to say it.)

    All the best,



    PS: Here's the entry for "rustier" in The Free Dictionary.

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    Re: Rust.

    I agree with Mr P. What could be more natural than 'rustier'?

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    Re: Rust.

    Thank you for your thoughts. The reason I asked is because I was playing an anagram game and it didn't accept it (still managed to win though ), I tried it in google, and it said it was a mistake, then I looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and it wasn't listed.

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    Re: Rust.

    rusty - Definitions from
    It's in the American Heritage dictionary, if that's any help.

    I used to work in the steel industry, and we used variations of "rust" often (too often, for steel that was supposed to be Class I material :

    "We ran tag #46542 through the slitter; it is clean through the first 40% of the coil, then it begins to shows rust spots. Halfway through the coil, there is severe rust down the center, and it continues to get rustier; it does not clear up."

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