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    Profile Essay

    Could somebody please check this essay for grammatical errors?

    I have listened to stand-up comedy ever since I was a little kid. I always wondered what it would be like to go to a comedy club. Recently, I had the opportunity to go to a comedy club called The Comedy Zone. I learned that watching comedians on television is not as exciting as watching them in a club.

    I arrived at the comedy club a little early so I could get a good seat. I picked a seat right beside the stage. The comedy club was a lot smaller than the theatres I usually saw on television. The size of the club made it more intimate and personal. Right before the show, people started to rush into the club. The audience was filled with people of different ages and races. I was happy to see that comedy could bring so many different kinds of people together.

    The club had a party-like atmosphere. There were glasses hitting each other, people talking, and the smell of food wafting through the air. There was a feeling of anticipation while we were waiting for the comedians to come on. Finally, the host came onto the stage. He acted like he had been eating sugar and drinking Red Bull the whole day. After a couple of minutes of talking, he introduced the first comedian. The comedian walked onto the stage and snatched the microphone. He started pacing the stage and ranting towards the audience. He sounded like a pit bull who knew how to speak English. Every once in a while, he would let out a Kinison-like scream. He was funny, but he acted like he had a little bit of a chemical imbalance. I quickly realized there was no T.V. screen separating us, and there was a good chance he would end up hitting one of the audience members in the face. If I got hit in the nose, it would be painful enough, but if I had an audience there to witness beating, I would be especially traumatized. He finished his set and left the stage.

    The host came onto the stage and announced the next comedian was Emo Phillps. When I heard Emo Phillps was going to perform, I almost squealed. He walked on stage and started telling jokes. He had a very unique character that he did on stage. When he spoke, he sounded like Steven Wright having a bad reaction to Prozac. His bizarre jokes and body movements made him seem like a cartoon character that had broken through the television screen. It took a while for the audience to understand what he was doing, but once they did, he started killing. He would tell a joke, and the audience would explode with laughter. I was amazed that one guy with a microphone could affect so many people. He finished his set and left to a standing ovation. I had a great time at the comedy club. I was happy I had the chance to see such a talented comedian in action.

    I think watching a comedian in a club is more entertaining than watching them on television. The audience is also able to experience all of the atmosphere that comes with being in a comedy club. In a club, the audience and the comedian are able to make a personal connection. It is more exiting to watch a comedian when you are actually in the same room as they are. I think anyone who is a fan of comedy should go to a comedy club whenever they get the chance.
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    Re: Profile Essay

    He had a very unique character that he did on stage.- shouldn't this be the present tense?

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