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    Cafe' audit: Please crrect my grammar.

    Please, help me find the errors and correct them.
    Thank you in deed.

    Café audit: Caffissimo

    The café that I visited names Caffissimo. This café is located in the city near The Art Gallery. It was very easy to find this café because there are the corporate logos around outside the café. Outside of the café is fulfilled with light grey and black colour so the logo is standing out. This is because the logo consists of two different colours that are orange and brown. It is consistent between inside and outside of the café as they used the same colour tone. The counter is blended smoothly with black and white. The corporate logo is everywhere inside and outside of the café, at the counter, on the menu, on every table and printed on the dishware.
    This café tries to portray good image to the customers. This café seems to be a cheerful eatery and a franchise business. This café looks modern and luxurious. This image is created by the decoration, cheerful staff and also the music in the café. The decoration of this café uses only basic black and white colour and light grey which make this café looks classic. In addition, the music which was opening is consistent to the classic look of this café.
    Caffissimo has a good service as all staff was cheerful and hard-working. They all were friendly to me. The staff did not rush me to order. They made me feel welcome.
    The menu is presented on the printed sign above the counter and on the paper as well. The organisation’s logo is on the menu and above the counter. It is consistent with overall design of the café. The design of the menu is simple and classic. This matches to the concept of this café. A website is another channel of communication that this café uses. They posted a web address together with the corporate logo.
    Therefore, this café has an effective communication. The concept and image of this café can be seen by their service, the decoration, the logo and also its location.

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    Re: Cafe' audit: Please crrect my grammar.

    Café audit: The Caffissimo

    For my audit I visited the Caffissimo, which is a franchise business. It is located in the city, near the Art Gallery.

    It was very easy to find as it has bright logos around outside. The café itself is bathed in discreet grey lighting with contrasting black. The ‘Caffissimo’ logo is depicted in orange and brown which stands out clearly from the subdued background.

    This color theme is used consistently inside and outside the café. The counter area blends in smoothly in black and white, with clean edges. The logo is evident throughout; at the counter, on the menu, on every table and also depicted on the dishware.

    This café makes an effort to portray an image of quality, luxury and modernity to customers. This image is helped by the quality of the interior decoration, cheerful staff and discreet piped music in the background. Although the decoration is only a basic black, white and light grey it has the desired effect of giving the place a classic feel. The background music is carefully chosen to complement the décor.

    The staff were cheerful, hard-working and friendly. Service was unhurried and I was made to feel welcome.

    The menu is clearly presented; both on the board above the counter and individually at each table and is simple and classic.

    Caffissimo has a website, which is also prominently displayed.

    Overall, this café has taken great care to communicate with its customer and achieves this effectively

    The concept and image of this café can be seen clearly by the service, the decoration, the attention to detail and, last but not least its excellent location.[/QUOTE]

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