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    Classroom Instructions

    Dear friends,

    I am a teacher of English in Turkey and teach 4th year students. Our book has changed this year and there are a lot of changes in it. For example, it has more pictures, activities for children (painting, cutting, etc.). However, the problem is, in my opinion, the instructions used in the book are rather difficult. In a class with 40 children, it is really hard to teach such instructions, and to me it is not true to teach them these imperatives.

    What do you think of it? I will be pleased if you can make a comment on it.

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    Re: Classroom Instructions

    Show it to us

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    Re: Classroom Instructions

    First unit starts with 'New friends'. First instruction is "Stand in a circle. Hold the ball and say 'My name's ......' THen throw the ball and ask 'What's your name?" (BY the way this book is for the 4th year students, this year is their first year in learning English)

    Another example is about a task and the instruction is "Make a finger puppet" and 1- Draw or copy one of the finger puppets. 2-Cut along the dotted line. 3- color it. 4-Put glueon the back side in the shaded places only (etc.)

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