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  1. John Phillip Signes


    Question: As in the case of St.Simons Island; a marsh island connected to the mainland of Georgia by bridge. When referring to its location as it relates to the State of Georgia; which of the following is correct?

    We met on St. Simons Island IN Georgia.

    We met IN Georgia, on St. Simons Island.

    Or, since it is named as an island and not part of the mainland; cannot be
    considered to be IN Georgia....

    Your input is most appreciative.


    John Phillip

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    Re: Student

    both are completely correct, the comma in the latter just inverts the sentence's clauses, they mean precisely the same thing.

    in both cases you correctly used both in and on; you are always in a state, and always on an island.

    Your last question is interesting, but no, since being in a state is due to a political boundary, the island is IN Georgia whether it is on the mainland or not, unless the island was considering secession

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