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    Match definitions in column A with the words in column B.
    Preview columns:
    1 distract readerís attention
    2 brainstorming
    3 two ideas
    4 next, then, finally
    5 written picture
    6 topics and subtopics
    7 past tense
    8 closing
    9 specific information
    10 yesterday, in 2001, now
    a description
    b outline
    c time signals
    d irrelevant details
    e persuasion
    f conclusion
    g compound sentence
    h pre-writing
    i narrating
    j clustering
    k time expressions
    l supporting detail

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    Re: helppppppppp

    hmmm.. this looks suspiciously like your homework :smile: - use the English-English dictionary!

    I will define your a to l in my own words, maybe you can find the 1 - 10 definitions with that as an aid.

    a description - words or phrases that give details and an overall picture of an object being described

    b outline - 1:a rough or incomplete description. 2: The lines in a picture that show the boundary edge of the object only; silouhette

    c time signals - words, symbols, or events which show time or parts of time to be counted, recognized, or used in communication.

    d irrelevant details - facts about a subject that provide no useful information in the observer's context.

    e persuasion - the act of convincing another to believe, trust, or act in the persuader's wishes.

    f conclusion - end, final point, ending, finish

    g compound sentence - a sentence formed of two or more phrases, generally joined by puntuation such as a colon, semicolon, comma, or dash (: ; , -)

    h pre-writing - the draft phase of a written work; quick notes; shorthand notes; ideas for a piece of writing. (depends if its a verb or a noun)

    i narrating - telling a story, usually reading from a script, and often used in conjunction with a visual presentation

    j clustering - grouping of many discrete (usually small) elements into distinct groups, of which there may be many. e.g.: cluster of grapes, cluster of stars, clustered groups of people.

    k time expressions - words and phrases to specify time, time periods, and duration while communicating with another (as opposed to with a machine, system, etc.)

    l supporting detail - information that is relavent, but not necessary for basic understanding of a topic.


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