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  1. Gmo

    Please I really need your help

    Match definitions in column A with the words in column B.

    Preview columns:
    1 distract readerís attention
    2 brainstorming
    3 two ideas
    4 next, then, finally
    5 written picture
    6 topics and subtopics
    7 past tense
    8 closing
    9 specific information
    10 yesterday, in 2001, now

    a description
    b outline
    c time signals
    d irrelevant details
    e persuasion
    f conclusion
    g compound sentence
    h pre-writing
    i narrating
    j clustering
    k time expressions
    l supporting detail

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    Re: Please I really need your help

    I'll help. I will do one then you do the next one
    (1) You would distract the readers attention if you (d)include irrelevant details


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