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    Dear Teacher,

    Please indicate which of the following is correct, most correct or incorrect:

    Examples: " I met her on St. Simons Island, in Georgia."

    or " I met her in Georgia, on St. Simons Island."

    or: " I met her in St. Simons Island, in Georgia."


    Last edited by Joanet; 01-Nov-2006 at 04:14. Reason: Important factor: St. Simons Island is a marsh island connected to the Geogia mainland by bridge.

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    Re: Island

    sorry, I tried to reply before, but something on the website messed me up...

    The first one is correct: you are always ON and island, and always IN a state.

    so: you could correct the second one by saying "I met her ON St. Simons Island, in Georgia."

    Oh and btw, I liked your question better as it was earlier; even if the island is not connected, being IN a state is a political definition, so the island will be IN Georgia's borders whether it is ON the mainland or not. Unless the islanders are thinking of secession

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