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    Certificate problems...

    Hi! I'm Chrysa,26. I 've been an English teacher for 6 years now in Greece.
    Currently, I work at a private school but one of my future goals is to teach the english languge at a public greek school.
    But as for that, I am not considered to have the appropriate qualifications.
    I have the Proficiency of Michigan and certificates of attendance on many seminars concerning teaching english as a foreign language.
    I've never had a guidance from anybody about what I should choose to be educated and I'm afraid that's the problem...
    You see, in Greece it is generally believed that people who own a foreign certificate can't have equal opportunities with those who gained it by greek schools.
    So, what should people with my qualifications do in order to make such a dream come true??
    Should I go for a Master? But what kind of Master must I choose?
    I'm looking forward to your immediate suggestions!!!

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    Re: Certificate problems...

    Hi Xrysa,

    I'm not sure what's the...ahem...current reality in Greece, but one would expect that in order to teach in public schools, a university degree is a must. The Proficiency Certificate from Michigan that you mentioned doesn't count as one; you probably need a Master of Arts degree with English as a major subject (perhaps even as a secondary subject, I'm not sure). Quite probably you also need some Pedagogic classes, either as a part of the degree or seperately.

    Abroad, in most of Europe at least, the situation is so that these kinds of jobs pass through the same channels as the rest of the jobs (i.e. interview, etc.). But in Greece, with the moronic waiting list system (in Greek: epetirida), it doesn't matter whether you graduated with honours and at the top 5% of the class or you hit rock bottom and barely graduated at all, because, as you well know, you just have to "wait your turn"..

    Sorry if I sound pessimistic, but I've had it up to here with the Greek educational system

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