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    I'm a non-native English speaker. How do I become a TESOL teacher?

    I'm a 34 year old teacher and my degree is on teaching physics although I have never taught it. I have worked eight years as a primary school teacher in my home country and for the last two years, since I have been assigned to a post in the UK I work here as a foreign language teacher, teaching my native langauge.

    Now, I'm in London but this is temporary and I will have to return to my home country in about two years. There is a high demand to English teachers at universities in my homeland and considering that being here could help me in some ways to get some certificates, now I'm thinking about a career switch to teaching English.

    How should I proceed? What certificiates are there I should consider getting? I like doing things gradually. What is the easiest certificate to get? I feel like, if I start somewher than I can get into this subject and proceed.

    To give you an idea about my English level, I took the computer based tefl test and scored 216 in year 2001. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: I'm a non-native English speaker. How do I become a TESOL teacher?

    The same way as a native speaker would- non-native speakers can take ESL teaching qualifications. I'd look at the CELTA simply because it is so widely recognised.

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