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    Question bar branching

    There's five basic styles of bonsai that the Japanese have created.
    First of all, we have the informal upright, where what we have is a trunk line that zigzags right up into the top of the tree. There's branches on the externals of each bend. That's the most important thing.The formal upright has a straight trunk that grows, let's say, out in the paddock and it's straight, the taper of the trunk goes all the way up the top, all the branches are basically in their positions here, which you shouldn't have any bar branching on it whatsoever.


    What is the meaning of bar branching?

    Does `the taper of the trunk goes all the way up the top' mean that the trunk of this kind of Bonsai becomes narrower as it gets to the top?

    A forest is normally a group planting of trees which are all planted in random, so there's no same thicknesses, there's no same distances, no same heights and that will give you actually a very nice perception of depth.

    Does `are all planted in random' mean that those planted trees are not the same kind , so they don't have the same sizes ?If not,can you explain to me?

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    Re: bar branching

    It should read 'planted at random, and means there is no specific plan. Different species are planted near each other without thought.
    i have no idea what bar branching means. it is probably a term used in bonsai growing so perhaps you might get a result if you try a search.
    tapered all the way to the top is as you suggest, I think


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