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    do you ever use I's?

    My friend insists to me that it is proper English to say "I booked Rachael and I's flight."

    Please tell me that that is wrong! ("I just booked Rachael's and my flight.")

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    Re: do you ever use I's?

    Your friend may be right in a dialect I have never heard of, but in standard English that's ungrammatical nonsense. You are perfectly correct.

    Your friend may be getting confused and "hypercorrecting". Students are constantly reminded that sentences like "Rachael and me are flying tomorrow" are wrong, and that it should be "Rachael and I..." -- and this is correct. The problem is that some people then go overboard and think that the phrase "Rachael and me" is always wrong, and that it should always be "Rachael and I". That's already wrong, but this goes one step further.


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