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  1. marvelous

    Smile Please explain an idiom for me !

    Dear teachers,
    Would you mind explaining the idiom :"Cry me a river" for me? I have heard that idiom so many time such as on the TV, the Internet and so on, but till now, I don't really know what it means.
    Your faithfully,
    A student comes from Vietnam. [email protected]

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    Re: Please explain an idiom for me !

    The original phrase came from a song title, "Cry Me a River," and referred to someone crying so much they could fill a river with their tears. When used as an idiom, it is a sarcastic way of telling someone "you can moan and complain all day long, but you won't get any sympathy from me."

    Bob: "My flight was terrible. There was an error in my reservation and I was unable to get a seat in First Class."
    Fred: "Oh, cry me a river. My original flight was cancelled and I had to spend the night sitting in a chair at the airport so that I could catch the first plane heading out this morning."

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