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    actually i need a big help please

    Hi there
    i have a home work, its diffecult so i need help on it
    i need comparison between irish englih and tandard english ( language of london ) in term of vocabulary, grammar and prounciation.
    according to age, social class, gender, education. i mean how the high class from each language pronuonce words, or what kind of vocabulary do educated people use, how i can distingushe male and female form thier words, grammar and prounanciation. and so on please any one can help me on this. i need examples

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    Re: actually i need a big help please

    This is a very big subject. There are many different irish dialects (as there are english) so it might be better to compare Dublin irish accents and vocabulary in english to that of a generic london accent. London alone has many variations. So you need to be more specific.


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