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    Re: Informal English

    Quote Originally Posted by SunnyDay View Post
    Also keep in mind that when you're speaking informal English, you're going to end up breaking some grammar rules.
    Formal: "Do you skate well?"
    Informal: "Do you skate good?"
    The second one is, technically, grammatically incorrect, but very few people I know (meaning, very few people under 20 :P) will say "Do you skate well" in an actual converstation.
    Sunny. I know you've heard this from grammar teachers and the like but it's simply not true.

    Think about it for a bit; the notion that we go through life breaking grammar rules when we speak is ludicrous. Speech is not guided by the rules that we use for writing and even for writing, writing, real writing that is, is not guided by many of the false prescriptions that masquerade as rules.

    As the CGEL says; "... formal and informal styles have partially different rules."

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    Re: Informal English

    Not rules, then, but "grammar conventions."

    I know when I started learning Spanish, I was told there were certain grammar rules I couldn't break or I wouldn't be understood, and I've later found out that it wasn't true. Of course informal speech is very different than the written language. When you're first learning a language, though, you don't know what conventions within that language can be ignored and you might be hesitant to step out of those conventions.

    And speech really does determine a language's conventions, I know - no one says "whom" anymore, and "Google" is a verb in the dictionary. :)

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    Conversation Questions

    You can find conversation questions about many different topics here:

    Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom (I-TESL-J)

    It might be helpful for you to look through these questions and write your own response. Later, you can practice these with another student or teacher.

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    Re: Informal English

    Quote Originally Posted by riverkid View Post

    As the CGEL says; "... formal and informal styles have partially different rules."
    I agree with you on this, though the use of 'good' in such sentences is more common in AmE than in BrE.

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    Re: Informal English

    please ... can i know what do you mean by "pm me "

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    Re: Informal English

    PM me:
    Send me a PM (private message).

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