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    represent and stand for

    could you tell me the differece of between represent and stand for?

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    Re: represent and stand for

    Quote Originally Posted by mannzheng View Post
    could you tell me the differece of between represent and stand for?
    Both expressions have several meanings. When they overlap, they are synonyms meaning "is a symbol of".

    The flag represents our country.
    The flag stands for our country.

    rep·re·sent (rĕp'rĭ-zĕnt')
    tr.v., -sent·ed, -sent·ing, -sents.
      1. To stand for; symbolize: The bald eagle represents the United States.
      2. To indicate or communicate by signs or symbols: Letters of the alphabet represent sounds.
      1. To depict in art; portray.
      2. To describe or present in words; set forth.
    1. To present clearly to the mind.
    2. To draw attention to by way of remonstrance or protest: Our parents represented to us the need for greater caution.
    3. To describe or put forward (a person or thing) as an embodiment of a specified quality.
      1. To serve as the official and authorized delegate or agent for.
      2. To act as a spokesperson for.
    4. To serve as an example of: The museum had several paintings representing the artist's early style.
    5. To be the equivalent of.
      1. To stage (a play, for example); produce.
      2. To act the part or role of.
    - The AHD


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